Nimpo Lake, B.C.

If your up for a long, scenic drive to a remote location, where people live isolated and free. Nimpo Lake is the place for you.

We booked a suite at the Wilderness Retreat Inn, and it was awesome! We went over New Years as a little getaway and thats what we got. This small town about 1/2 hour from Anahim Lake (Bella Coola Area) is so remote they only have a gas station which sells a small selection of foods, and a bakery that was closed for the holidays! But thats ok, because on New Years Eve the whole town got together on the lake, clear the ice for a skating rink, played some music, made some chilly and had a giant bon fire right on the ice!!!! It was the most communal thing I’ve ever been too. People treated us like locals, invited us into their homes for lunch, told us of all the ice fishing hot spots! This is what I love about Canada. The people.

Nimpo Lake has wonderful activities in the summer and winter, its known for there float plane tours, hiking, wild horses and biggest rainbow trouts in Canada (I’m not sure if I believe that, ¬†because we got skunked! But’d like to go back to find out!) If your willing to make the drive, or are heading out in that direction, please don’t pass this hidden jem, take an extra day and experience life off the grid. And don’t bother with the cell phone, there’s no service anyways!!!

Wilderness Retreat Inn

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