Rawson Lake Trail (Easy)

4 km
2-4 hours
Elevation Gain: 300m
Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

This trail is well trafficked, trail is well marked, mostly treed for the walk. Parks has been little board walks for the areas that are usually wet. You can follow a nice stream of water from the lake running into Upper Kananaskis. The lake usually has ice on it until July, so don’t be alarmed when you get there and there is snow!

The lake has fish in it, so if you have your fish license, bring your rod! This hike is great for kids and the dogs! The waterfall is at the beginning of the trail about 1 km in from Upper Kananaskis and than you will take the marked trail head up to Rawson Lake Trail. If your feeling ambitious carry on to Mt. Serrail trail and have stunning views of all of Peter Lougheed Park!

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