Fairmont Hotel Jasper

The resort is a must see, and a must stay… if you can afford it. Staying at the Fairmont Jasper is like staying at a resort. The food, the pool, the hot tubs, the walk around the lake is beautiful. The hotel rents canoes, paddle boards and paddle boats. I believe most of it is free with room rentals, but if your coming as a guest you can still rent the boats for an average fee!

There’s also many other activities such as horse back riding, kid clubs, family games/races!

Jasper is such a beautiful place, even staying at any hotel, B&B, hostal etc your going to get the full effective of the town. Its quant, chalet feel makes it a true mountain town. And unlike Banff, most the shops and restaurants are local and not chain stores (there still is, so don’t panic). But the town is small, and can get busy in the summer.

The wildlife is why I go, free roaming elk, deer, BEARS you will always see something. Just be careful, DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE, and when pulling over to see the wildlife, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. And if you can help it, don’t pull over at all. Slow down…. don’t pull over. Cars get back up for a mile, people pulling in and out like a parking lot will cause an accident.

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